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A quick look

We created a new corporate website with a focus on customer education of healthy lending habits, lead generation, and tracking.

Our Mission

Identify the best ways to reach the local population. Financial education was a big hurdle, identification of the people was a challenge as well. Since most of the transactions were cash, we had to figure out how to translate the lending experience to be more outcomes based using an online system.

Our Approach

Met with customers in the local branches and focused on their customer journey. Used the U+ method to study the target demographic, understand their pain points, and focused on financial education to promote healthy lending habits.


  • Created the website with a heavy focus on financial education and built in a loan calculator which would not allow for a loan amount greater than the customer could feasibly afford to pay off.
  • Outcomes based lending focused on the item the customer was seeking to purchase, allowing them to visualize the purpose based loans such as money for a phone or appliance.
  • Created a process and system to track the leads from lead generation through to the contract phase.
  • Delivered the new site within three months, creating a new online revenue stream and support system.

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