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A quick look

A hotel booking platform for use with common corporate cafeteria benefit points for local and foreign travel. Provided an attractive way for Czech users to utilize commonly unredeemed benefits before they expire.

Our Mission

Build the eHotel venture based on the identified market gap of a commonly underutilized employee benefit system. Create a web application which will serve as a one stop shop for customers to redeem their points for travel hotel bookings.

Our Approach

Full startup build from market testing to commercialization. Conducted user testing to determine the best features to include and built out the web platform for travel hotel booking. Helped with M&A discussions and co-funding of the venture.


  • Created the largest employee benefit portal for hotel booking in the CZ.
  • Demonstrated positive year-over-year growth of users and revenue.
  • Mentored the new CEO to build the necessary skillset to successfully lead the new venture.

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