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Online cross border used car sales platform that uses data from all European car sales platforms to create a pricing map and evaluates the most interesting and price competitive cars to offer.

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Our Mission

Help grow a company with $55m in seed funding by building and launchhing a European used car sales platform.

Our Approach

We set up multiple delivery teams to execute on build-outs of the main data platform, consumer facing website, car checking application as well other internal reporting components. Our focus is on iteratively integrating business insights into the product and technology of this high growth platform.


  • Database with 10m+ cars in EU updated daily.
  • AWS–based backend systems ready for scale across all of Europe.
  • Integrated multiple acquired systems into the core system.
  • Built out car auditing mobile application with focus on enriching the gathered data and provide pricing and condition information.
  • Created an innovation environment for new products to be built using the data platform.

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