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We revamped the backend architecture and hired a CTO to support further growth of Bisnow, the largest global real estate magazine publisher.

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Our Mission

Re-design the backend architecture for Bisnow and implement standards, documents, and tools for continued development of the system. Help hire a CTO to manage the company's technology efforts.

Our Approach

CTO hiring: 1.Kick-off – Job description published on HR channels 2.First round – Discussion with internal Bisnow HR department (20 candidates) – U+ Head of HR (Lucia) 3.Consulting & prep with Bisnow on skype call (~2 hours) 4.Second round – Verification & Tech dialogue with U+CTO to evaluate technical background on skype (~10 candidates ~ 10+hrs including prep) 5.Final round – CEO level with Jan Beranek physical presence at the meeting & final recommendation - (3 hours)


  • Revamped backend architecture.
  • Helped facilitate the process of hiring a CTO.
  • Automated deployment on major applications (, Bison, MBR).
  • Documented IDE standards and Documented a coding standard.
  • Implemented automatic tools to check code for errors.
  • Defined and documented a development process (package of ad-hoc consultation services per item) - 9 hours.

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