Automated contract creation from multiple databases


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A quick look

Our client is an US based insurance company growing it’s digital presence and online feature for potential and current users. They needed an automated process of final contract creation by gathering data from various database sources (Verisk, DataCubes) of different business partners and visualisation of those data into PDF files.

Implementation schema

Our Mission

The reliability and scalability were the must have attributes of the solution. Required was also the ability for an easy deployment and maintenance. There was also a requirement to abstract business logic so the solution can be reused among applications.

Our Approach

Our solution was a fully serverless application with automated deployment. The application consists of 5 Lambdas, an S3 bucket and an API Gateway. There is also connection to third-party proprietary databases via their respective APIs, in order to collect information.


  • Automated and fast deployment
  • Serverless / Lambda framework and benefits
  • Low cost
  • The customer is interested in moving further parts of their infrastructure to AWS in the future

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