Method guides

The U+Method is a step-by-step product development methodology that focuses on front–loading the risky parts of product development before starting large build–outs.
Value Proposition

We begin with initial idea validation and market testing, where we evaluate how well a specific idea fits a particular market and meets target demographic wants and needs.

  1. Finding and Defining Ideas
  2. Idea Validation and Prototyping
  3. Vision Statement
  4. The Importance of User Testing
  5. How to Create a Business Plan
  6. Types of Financing
Product Definition

When we find a market-verified value proposition, we move to define the product and ways of taking it to the market. This usually means building prototypes, running smoke tests, and understanding launch channels and features.

  1. UX – User experience
  2. Marketing Strategies and Campaigns
  3. Building a Team
  4. Setting Your Pricing Policy
  5. Write Copy That Works
  6. Creating an Identity
  7. Why You Should Do Content Marketing
MVP Launch

Developers and designers are engaged in building out an MVP while we simultaneously move to launch with early customers.

  1. Setting OKRs
  2. Company Foundation
  3. Internal Development Team or External Agency?
  4. Recruit from a Developer's Perspective
  5. Launch Metrics
  6. Sales Strategy and Business Goals
Further Iterations

When your MVP launch goes well, you can scale your product up according to market feedback. This stage typically includes supporting internal operational processes and product modifications based on early customer input.

  1. Goal Definition and Growth Strategy
  2. How to Fundraise
  3. Recruitment Management and Role Definition
  4. Expansion Into Other Markets
  5. Customer Retention
  6. Expanding Company Structure

Teach the teacher

Method workshops

The Method workshops walk you through the product development process to see how you can implement the thinking inside your organization with your stakeholders.