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U+ has been a member of the AWS Partner Network since 2016 and a Digital Ocean partner since 2020. Our Cloud Team specializes in architecting distributed and highly available Cloud systems.

Over 50 Cloud projects
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Implementation Examples

Import big data into AWS as fast as possible

Our client needed to import big data as fast as possible but at the same time ensure enough cloud infrastructure capacity to run the client's e-commerce website and mobile app.

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Automated contract creation from multiple databases

Our client is an US based insurance company growing it’s digital presence and online feature for potential and current users. They needed an automated process of final contract creation by gathering data from various database sources (Verisk, DataCubes) of different business partners and visualisation of those data into PDF files.

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Our Skillset

Our certified developers and DevOps engineers can build, deploy and manage complex cloud infrastructures.

  • The Serverless Application Model (SAM) with CI/CD, which provides extra features, such as local testing functionality
  • Development,deployment and maintenance of cloud applications – ALB, ECR /ECS / Fargate (Docker), RDS, ElastiCache, S3.
  • Migration of an application or of a complete infrastructure to AWS.
  • Deployment automation via SAM for the Serverless applications, and via Terraform for everything else.

AWS Services

Relevant services we applied in cloud transformations and with completely new cloud-native applications

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